Lingering in the Margins: a river city poets anthology



Thanks to everyone who was a part of this project! It’s a beautiful book with a little something for everyone. We couldn’t be more proud.

Order your copy today!


The collection includes poems by over fifty poets from the River City and beyond. Published by Chop Suey Books Books. Edited by Joanna Lee, Judy Melchiorre, and Marsha Owens. Internal layout and design by Christopher Hibben.

Lingering in the Margins is like one giant poem illuminating the truths about the moods of the river, the movement of the animals, a terrain ripe with flowers, perplexing people, maddening politics, mysteries of history, one drink too many, hunger, romance, rape, journeys into dying, rituals of mourning, God, and the sun. Even Elvis shows up and leaves the building of life. And you get to wondering while you’re reading this book what you have been missing by not lingering a little longer at the edges.

–David Coogan, Editor of Writing Our Way Out

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