…to the River City Poets’ home page! Here you’ll find listings of our events, workshops, and  other programming updates, as well as more info about us & our community. Feel free to look around!

While we’re mostly in “hunker” mode right now, poetry still keeps us engaged and connected. Our 1st Thursday Poetry & Jazz nights have gone virtual, with poets and musicians logging on from all over Virginia and beyond. In September, we’re additionally returning to our old P&J home venue on the second Thursday for an evening of poetry on the patio! Check it out under “upcoming events.”

September’s other in-person, out-of-doors event will be a repeat of last month’s Open Air Open Mic on 4th Friday at Cafe Zata. Hope to see your masked face there!

Our online critiques are continuing, too… though we’re returning to the 2nd and 4th Monday schedule of yore–drop us an email through our contact form if you’d like to get in on the feedback action. We’re also continuing our pre-critique social hour this month, so come say hello! Look for updates on the 2020-2021 workshop calendar to come soon.

Meanwhile, keep in touch and keep writing!