poetry in forgotten places

Poetry in Forgotten Places

Now in its third year, this outdoor poetry adventure series hearkens back to our roots as a community: a rock on the river, a shared bottle, poems, camaraderie.


2017 Schedule (last Saturdays in April, June, August & October, 1-4pm)

We’re re-vamping the old “Poetry in Abandoned Spots & Forgotten Spaces” to a newer, hipper, more streamlined version of itself. The idea, though, is the same: small group events in inspiring, iconic locations get to know each other and the city a little more intimately. Please note the details of each location closely; all require some walking, and many of the outdoor spots have few/no amenities, so pack for the adventure accordingly!

New in 2017: the PFP event schedule is given here in advance, and each event will occur rain or shine. Two locations are given for each date; in case of bad weather, we will meet at the indoor location only. (If you’re not certain whether the weather qualifies as “bad” for a given date, please get in touch before showing up!) In case of fair weather, however, we will meet at the outdoor (first listed) location (…and possibly proceed to the second location afterward, if folks are interested in hanging out and keeping the party going).

Things that remain the same:

An RSVP is requested for each event. (Fair warning– if you decide last-minute to join us and don’t send an RSVP, we may laugh at you when you get lost or go to the wrong location.)

Please show up on time (more or less). We will wait a few minutes for stragglers on poet-time, but, especially where a hike is involved, we’re not going to wait all day.

Things to bring: pen, paper, poems, appropriate shoes/attire, sunscreen, water, etc. etc.


Now for the fun part: where we’re going!

April 29 A Poet’s Favorite Walk—The Pipeline
Meet at the overlook, near the parking lot at S. 12th St.
Bad-weather/2ndary location: Casa Del Barco, 320 S. 12th St., RVA 23219
June 24 The Return to Texas Beach
Meet in the parking area at 1941 Texas Ave., RVA 23220
Bad-weather/2ndary location: 10 Café, 3200 W. Cary St., RVA 23221
August 26 The Roots of a City: Chimborazo
Meet outside the Park Museum, 3215 E. Broad St., RVA 23223
Bad-weather/2ndary location: Patrick Henry Pub, 2300 E. Broad St., RVA 23223
October 28 Take Me to Hollywood
Meet by the main gates, Hollywood Cemetery, 412 S. Cherry St., RVA 23220
Bad-weather/2ndary location: Postbellum, 1323 W. Main St., RVA 23220