30-for-30 April 2020

We’re leaving these prompts up for a bit, in case you happen to be looking for inspiration. If you write from one or more of the prompts and want to share it with the world, send it to us via our contact form–we’re happy to share select poems here!

Have fun!

1. Poem about beginnings

2. Prose poem

3. Poem that references a favorite movie or song

4. Poem with one or more colors in it

5. Tanka

6. Poem written outdoors

7. Poem based on a memory

8. Persona poem

9. Poem to a cat

10. Blitz

11. Poem quoting a line from a favorite poet

12. Epistle to the COVID-19 virus

13. Ekphrastic poem

14. Poem with an unconventional flower reference

15. Poem about “hope” (may NOT contain either “feathers” or “wings”)

16. Poem based on one of today’s headlines

17. Sequence (related or unrelated) of 5 American Sentences

18. Poem that uses the word “quarantine”

19. Poem with no more than three words per line

20. Poem for Jim (anti-Spring poem)

21. Ghazal

22. Poem that includes a lyric or lyrics from The Fray

23. Poem with non-standard justification (i.e. not left-justified)

24. Poem written using any 2 of the above prompts/forms (a tanka (#5) to a cat (#9), for example) 

25. Found poem using only words from a book on your nightstand

26. Lust poem

27. Poem that contains a word or words in another language

28. Sonnet or sonnet-like poem

29. Poem with an unconventional God reference

30. Poem that references or quotes verbatim one of the laws of physics